Marketers: Twitter isn’t dead, at least in the PH

Rumors of Twitter’s demise have been greatly exaggerated — in fact, we always hear about how Twitter is dying in the Philippines, how account creation has dipped, and how generally, this social networking site headed for the dumps — but despite all these murmurings, it still seems like Twitter has carved out an indispensable niche in the country. As a Digital Communications Manager for a local conglomerate and a student of Northwestern University’s Medill Integrated Marketing Communications – Social Marketing Specialization, I try to explore why Twitter might still be relevant channel for our brands, even in 2017.

According to data from, a website measuring social media metrics and trends — one that is able to review local data to certain territories, media entities are still growing at a steady pace in the Philippines (full report here: News shows like TV Patrol and online publication Rappler have grown by about 90K and 52K followers in the previous month alone; local media groups continue to amass millions of followers with ABS-CBN as around 5M followers — showing off a huge following despite the drop in new accounts created. As for brands — retailer H&M, local airline CebuPacific and Globe Telecommunications continues to grow by almost 100,000 followers per month.

Full Visualization of Tweets from TwitterPH

On the other hand — in the latest report from @TwitterPH (, a record 2.3M tweets were posted about #EXOrDIUMinManila, a Korean band’s concert in the Philippines, in just two days (Feb 25 – 26) — peak traffic was seen during the concert itself with more 2K tweets being posted per minute. This clearly shows that Twitter’s relevance continues to be high, especially in real time events such as concerts.

Looking at these two sources of data when it comes to Twitter locally in the Philippines, it shows us there still a space for Twitter in the marketing mix. It’s all just a matter of:

Understanding its role — For utilities like banks, electricity or water suppliers, and even telco companies, Twitter continues to be a good channel for customer service; understand your consumer’s behaviour on the channel, and leverage on it as part of your marketing

Leveraging on events Twitter is continues to be perfect for moments, leverage on these as consumers are automatically post when it comes to high traffic or high impact events (such as the EXO concert)

Continuously measuring — Use tools to analyse and see whether all these efforts actually result into greater reach and engagement, or impact

Twitter might have dipped locally in terms of traffic, but it continues to be a channel where users post streams of thoughts, which can be opportunity for marketers like us.

Jeff Cape is a digital marketer through and through, currently pursuing a specialisation in Social Marketing from Northwestern University. He has almost a decade of experience in 360* Digital Strategy, and he believes that if there isn’t an app for that, you should go make one. He currently works as a Digital Communications Manager for a local conglomerate in the Philippines. Tweet him at @boy_in_plaid.

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