The Kelly Diaries

Late last year, I finally decided to get a place of my own. I guess it was about time — I was getting older, my finances finally allowed the move, and EDSA traffic wasn’t getting any lighter. I lived alone when I was still studing in the Ateneo, so I was technically used to solitary nights.

So I found myself in a peculiar state when I started having difficult sleeping at night.

I would stay up for hours staring at the ceiling, daydreaming, thinking, of nothing in particular, just thinking. I’d waste hours watching How I Met Your Mother or Millionaire Matchmaker on ETC / 2nd Avenue, then I’d realize it was 3 AM already. I got into Badminton, sometimes I’d run, but they technically didn’t help my sleeping issues. But to tell you honestly, I think I got used to being with someone — that I forgot how it is to be alone.

That’s when I decided to get a companion. After multiple conversations with friends, Racquel and Jeric, who are dog owners, I was convinced — I had to get a dog.


Meet Kelly — named after the pop star — now an 8-month old Princess-type female Shih Tzu.


I got Kelly from Cartimar when she was barely 2 months old, and I guess you could say it was a mutual decision. I chose not only the dog that looked nice and healthy, but also the dog that responded well to me.


It took some major adjustments — like I’d think about her before I plan on going anywhere, or how to take care of her especially when she was sick. But that came naturally, anyway.

What matters is I’m sleeping better, ever since.


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