Born This Way Ball in Manila


I’m apologizing in advance for the incoherent thoughts and poor sentence construction. BUT ITS LADY GAGA OMGGGG. I can’t even!!! Best.Concert.Ever!!!!!

Now I have to admit, I’ve only seen a few — Kylie, Katy (twice, actually), Ne-yo (weird, I watched him twice as well), Maroon 5, David Archuleta x David Cook and others — but none of them compares to the Queen of Pop (Rolling Stone, 2011) herself!!! She sang almost all the songs on Born This Way, and a few from The Fame — Paparazzi, Just Dance, Alejandro & Poker Face to be exact. And my god, the production was too awesome. Ansabe ni Kylie sa Heavy Metal Lover horse ni Gaga.

And I may I just say, Gaga’s boys are soooo much more hotter, especially Mark Kanemura from So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 🙂

Pero yeah, hot pareho. Haha. In terms of the production, this is already the scaled down version ha — no Monster Pit here in this leg.

My favorite part was when she started singing “Hair” tapos may mini-speech pa. I almost cried!!! If I didn’t hold back the tears, seryoso baka humagulgol ako sa SM Arena!!!!

Here’s a video taken by Mich Eats and Shops from the concert —

Although she could have sang more songs from The Fame like my favorites — Summerboy, Dance in the Dark and Speechless — I’m not complaining.

Paws up!!!

Thanks to @mariaanamorada, @abbiereal & @smartcares for the Mosh Pit tickets #smartladygaga; photos taken by Mich Bugante and yours truly, some photos taken from

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