30 by 30

 Finally have my OWN place where I can have a postcard wall, produce something that will go viral – these are just some of the goals I came up with that I have to accomplish by the time I’m 30.

My bestfriend Candniss Everdeen (not her real name, just hungover from Hunger Games trollolol) calls this 30 by 30 — a personal do list for the next few years of a 20-something’s life. Perfect for kids like me who try to make sense of the blur that is our life — Who really knows what they want in life, anyway?

I don’t – but it’s nice to think about where you want to be and what you want to be by the time you age a little. So here’s my list of goals, and for the sake of organization, I decided to cluster them into categories – Personal, Travel, Career & Various.

8 years left!



1. Get a tattoo – Been thinking of getting one for quite some time now, and I really want this on my right arm. Just scared that it’ll hurt.


2. Finally have my OWN place where I can have a postcard wall


3. Plus a desk where all my Instax photos can be laid out

4. Spend a birthday alone

5. Reach 125 lbs. — 8% – 10% body fat na lang dapat, everything else should be muscle

6. Own a car under my name

7. Blog should have reached a total 1M views by then – Current hits: 292,000

8. Give my parents some sort of luxury item — like luxury talaga, not some gadget, but an expensive watch or something like that

9. Give my one of my sisters the bestest gift she could ever have for Christmas

10. Give Christmas gifts to ALL my immediate relatives

11. Quit nail biting

12. Be a ninong to my friends’ kids!

13. Come out to my family

14. Introduce Hub properly to my family – Will come after coming out haha


15. Go on a EuroTrip – Amsterdam & Paris are mandatory

16. Party in South Africa or Brazil

17. Visit at least 20 countries — Current count: 5

18. Climb a mountain

19. Travel abroad alone

20. Travel abroad with my bestfriend


21. Produce something that will go viral

22. Orchestrate a campaign that will truly drive business growth / encourage trial

23. Have one of the following: MBA / MA / Certificate in something

24. Win an international award

25. AD / CSD-levels by 30?


26. Go bungee jumping / skydiving

27. Watch a Miss Universe pageant live

28. Buy authentic Aussiebum underwear

29. Finally learn how to do a cartwheel properly

30. Run away & never look back 🙂

8 thoughts on “30 by 30

      1. 30 seems soooo near. I think I just want to 1) travel 2) marry and live on top of a hill 3) enjoy! 😀 hahaha

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