A few days ago, I went to the MRT Station and picked a random station to go to. I thought it was something fun to do, adventure need not have an explanation.

I got out of the train, and saw a nearby complex of shops and restaurants. It looked like I was going down on Quezon Avenue or Magallanes Station, but I wasn’t.

I was in Thailand.

February turned out to be such a month to beat — went wakeboarding in CamSur just a week ago, and strolled along the busy streets of Thailand just last weekend. The former being an impromptu trip scheduled just weeks before, while the latter, conceived even about a year ago.

There’s really nothing like going to places to take you away from your daily grind — its so refreshing, calming even if there’s much stress involved in traveling. There’s so much the world, and life has to offer, and to sit down and refuse to explore is the stuff of fools.

I’ve never felt so alive.

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