Only one pop superstar can launch a social networking site of her own — Lady Gaga.

And she has.

Still the #1 most followed person on Twitter at 19 million, Lady Gaga just recently launched, “a place for Gaga devotees to convene and share information such as photos and videos.” Currently on beta phase, it looks like the site launch is patterned after Pottermore & G+, as “membership is currently on an invitation-only basis. However, it is expected to have a look like Pinterest which allows users to “pin”  images and a popularity-vote feel like Reddit.”

It’s just so amazing how Gaga’s team always takes it to the next level. I can just imagine the site cross-selling Gaga’s endorsements like Polaroid cameras and the upcoming Google laptop.

Here are some of the things I’m expecting from the site:

  • Livestreaming of a Lady Gaga concert
  • Exclusive preview of unreleased/new tracks
  • Archive of Gaga features
  • Advocacy Section (she currently already has a site for bornthiswayfoundation)
  • and hopefully, product giveaways 🙂

What else would you want to see on the site?

Register to now.

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