“It’s not fun anymore,” said a friend when we saw each other in Megamall the other day. She was referring to this blog, and how it changed its nature in a few months time.

True, this space used to be a little more personal, but now it’s a few posts short of becoming a feed. I guess I don’t have that much energy anymore to write, to think, and to edit. There’s a lot on my plate already, and work alone keeps me up until the wee hours of the morning.

But today, after a long week at work trying to make something trend on Twitter with help of a lot of good and new friends, I sat down and told myself that I need to write something, anything longer than 140 characters.

And it feels good.

I guess there’s always a way to make it work, sabi nga ni Tim Gunn. Maybe I could be a little more personal about promoting work-related stuff? Maybe I can increase my weekly posts? Nevertheless, I definitely want to bring back the activity and life of this blog.

For starters, let me tell you about how crazy awesome this week has been – from jumping from one meeting to another, and to making something trend on Twitter.

Photo by Abbie Real

Funny how it took a trending hashtag to take me back to my blog.

So here’s to writing more and more. Boyinplaid is back!

But for now, I think its time to rest. That #rockethigh hashtag isn’t the only thing that trended this week, there’s also this big pimple on my nose.

2 thoughts on “Trending

  1. That’s more like it, Jeff! 🙂 I’ve known you for your passion and talent in writing so…keep blogging and congratulations for that trending hashtag last Friday night. Miss you and take care! 🙂

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