6:30 am — and I’ve set a record for myself.

When the alarm went off at 5:00 am, I was still restless; I couldn’t sleep. I counted sheep, blessings, projects, and it just didn’t work. And then I thought — why not go to work earlier than usual?

There’s something about going to work early that makes the whole day better — instead of an angry cab driver who blames me for the C5 traffic to welcome the day, I can settle for a bus driver who leisurely drinks his Taho while driving us on EDSA; I can actually see the sun rising on EDSA, instead of just an onslaught of cars ravaging the road; and there’s the 20-minute bus ride to McKinley, I saved precious fare and time by being this early.

Being in the office at this time has its perks. The temperature is bearable, there’s less distraction, there’s that freedom to play anything, at any volume. Somehow, being in the office early makes me become more productive. Having been on sick leave yesterday, I realized that I’d be able to catch up on work, clear out my email even before the client, or our creatives’ concerns for the day come in. I slept the whole day yesterday, leave aside those moments that I checked my email notifications, it was really a restful day. Perhaps that’s why couldn’t fall asleep. I had too much of it the whole day.

And so here I am. Clearing my mail, listing scheduled meetings on my planner and ticking boxes on my Friday to do list, sent JOs,  set meetings, and now off to buy a Toffee Nut Frap, and I plan on giving the sticker to the next person in line.

10:00 AM — well, the day has just begun.

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