Boy-spotting @ Cosmo’s Sexiest Models Party

Leave it to the prospect of seeing cute boys to make me go out on a weekday.

Last Tuesday night at Palladium in Makati, Cosmo honored 8 of today’s “it” models, together with the launch of its new issue featuring Carla Abellana on the cover.

While it was amusing to listen to host Joey Mead’s antics and to watch Bea Soriano, Jessica Yang, Vanessa Matsunaga and others strut their stuff on stage, I was really just looking forward to seeing the male models/celebs.

Here’s some of the boys that caught my eye J Funny how all they were so game to be photographed, some even volunteered. More mileage for them, I guess? Haha.

Brazilian Escort – This guy had to guide each ‘it’ girl as they went on stage
This one looks bulkier in person 🙂
BOY NEXT DOOR. Wouldn’t it be embarassing if one of them, or their friends read this blog and see what I’m saying? Hahaha. This one’s a cutey.
CUTE COUPLE. That’s Jessica Yang, and John James Uy

TWINS. ’nuff said
You might want to see more of him. Check out this link WARNING: NSFW
And then we reach the part where I post pictures of popular Brazilian models. There’s Fabio Ide…
…and Daniel Matsunaga 🙂

Who’d you like best? 🙂

Check out for pictures everything else that happened ;P Thanks to JC of Summit for the invites! 🙂

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