Postcrossers answer a Miss Universe 2002 Question

After asking Postcrossers what they would do to entertain a man who landed from the moon in their hometown (see their funny answers here), I then asked them one of the most memorable final questions in Miss Universe history.

What makes you blush?

I blush when I stumble and see someone smiling. I am so clumsy this happens a lot! Have a great day!

Since I’m very shy, lots of things make me blush – when someone gives me a compliment or if someone teases me. Plus, I blush a lot when I’m laughing!!!

What makes me blush is doing something embarrassing in public – tripping over, walking into a door… well, I’m clumsy so it happens a lot, haha.

It’s not easy question 🙂 I’m drinking very hot tea now and I have blushes! But seriously, I’m rather shy, so I have blushes when I hear compliments or praises.

When I get a compliment from someone I love.

Funny how it’s either clumsiness or shyness that makes these Postcrossers blush. Ingat naman kasi. Haha. If you’re wondering, the winner for Miss Universe 2002 had this very short and sweet answer — “When I say the wrong things”.

How about you, what makes you blush? 🙂

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