We all need a push at some point. And mine came at the right time.

Let me tell you how I’ve been this past week — went to work before 9, went home at around 9, was half-asleep almost every night, sometimes I even wake up at 2 am to work, been able to go to the gym only once, even the weekend seemed like work from home days.

But I’m not complaining. It just gets very tiring.

In fact, I feel so much passion for what I’m doing. It can get very exciting, I just wish that sometimes I had more time.

On Friday, after the long tedious week and the looming work weekend, I received this email from THE client, in which my bosses were cc-ed.

While this is motivating in itself, Aileen even forwarded it to the whole team. The outpouring of replies from my co-account managers just inspired me more.

It’s just so good to feel that you’re on the right track, baby you were born this way. All the sleepless nights, all my issues of not being able to go to the gym more than once this week seemed so petty.

I promise that I will never waste anybody’s time with anything less than my best.

On to the work week ahead!

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