SMART Bro’s Rocket Wifi Plus – SOLD OUT!

Barely just a week of pre-selling, Smart Bro’s Rocket Wifi Plus has already been sold-out!

Well, I’m not surprised given that Smart has been constantly increasing their HSPA+ Sites to beef up broadband speeds. It used to be just 150 sites, and now it has increased to a whopping 800+ sites. The point of these HSPA+ sites is simple, really — the closer you are to the site location, the higher the chances of you reaching the promised speeds. It’s awesome because Smart is transparent enough to shape your expectations. Check out the list of HSPA+ Sites here —

Anyway, the Rocket Wifi Plus is another broadband product that runs on these HSPA+ sites. You can reach up to 20 Mbps, and can connect 5 devices at the same time. Perfect for those of you who have multiple gadgets that have different functions. As for me, sometimes I use my laptop for work, while having my iPad on for my apps and games. It’s a bit pricey at P6,495, but I think you get what you pay for. Def worth buying if you live near a cellsite.

Official release will be sometime soon, I guess.

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