The Boy

I’m putting on a smug face right now, because the boy’s distracting me from writing this with his exaggerated version of Katy Perry’s “Firework”, but his perkiness and positivity actually inspire me ❀

So much has happened lately, and I’ve been unable reflect on them, more so just write about them. But tonight is one of those nights — I actually have the time and energy to write and daydream.

There’s so much to write about work — how fulfilling it is despite the half-asleep nights, and the paranoia, how I’m warming up to myΒ  new officemates, how I’m enjoying the daily morning commute and how I’m feeling the pressure of being a ‘senior’ accounts person.

On the family front, I’ve so many stories to tell — sister broke up with boy of 6 or so years, so she’s a little needy as of the moment,Β  nephews are growing up and demanding for expensive gifts, and Papa’s been giving lots of work advice which is on point, as in on point talaga. But I think the highlight would be how almost all of us are on BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Mama’s very quotable (“Matulog na kayo, ang ingay ingay niyo” – despite the fact that we’re all so far away from her), and she always shares pictures of the food she cooks, which makes me miss home a lot.

I’ve received tons of postcards! Tons and tons that I can’t even chronicle them properly now. My goal is to display them someway, then have a map with pins on the places where they’re from.

So many events have also happened — there’s the Nivea GlamBoard Launch, Cosmo Bachelor Bash, Miss Universe 2011 and the Ateneo Bonfire. I hope someday soon I’ll be able to write about these events, or just even post pictures.

It’s been really tiring, these past few weeks. But I feel like my life is going in the right direction.

I feel like I’m on top of the world — because of everything that’s happening, but most especially because of the boy.

Here’s the song that aptly illustrates how I feel at the moment.

Have a great work week ahead, everyone!

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