Why I’ve been unable to blog regularly

Close friends of mine like Mich know how much effort I’ve put into this blog these past few months. I blogged almost everyday, I optimized my entries for search engines, and I even regularly seeded on forums. And it payed off — from a measly 200 hits per day to a peak of 20,000 hits, consequently making this blog rank 3rd from a 70+ ranking on Top blogs – Personal. But in the past few weeks, my updates have been irregular, and I’ve been unable to check it daily.

Here’s why —

New job 🙂

That’s my partner Arianne (who’ll move to a new account huhu), and my fellow Atenean, China! Thanks to Jackie C for the write-up.

As soon as I get the hang off this, I’ll be able to insert blogging in somewhere. Wish me luck!

P.S I actually have 20 plaid stuff, not specifically polos. I have plaid shoes, and yes, even underwear.

Have a great week, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Why I’ve been unable to blog regularly

  1. Good luck, Jeff! 🙂 I’ve been feeling a bit lazy lately as well. Haven’t been paying much attention to my ranking. I feel like it pressures me too much and too think it’s not even that accurate since it doesn’t really reflect the actual views on my blog 😦 I shall just keep writing and doing what I do and to hell with it! 🙂

    Miss you!

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