I bet the people at Google+ are going crazy.

Last week, Facebook unveiled Timeline, the new layout featuring everything you’ve ever done on Facebook. While this is all too amazing, Mark Escaler**, one of my favorite teachers ever, already predicted this many years ago. While this isn’t in verbatim, he said something about Facebook walls and feeds eventually turning into a ‘timeline’ or a record of our offline lives. Voila.

What a way to make users stay right? To think people said Facebook is turning to Friendster or MySpace. Nope friends, not just yet.

I personally love how it’s one big scrapbook. You can even add a photo to complement your work info or relationship status!

Timeline doesn’t go on full blast until September 29, but you can go shift to it by following the instructions on this site: http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/22/how-to-enable-facebook-timeline/


*This update is a few days late! Will update more often, as soon as I get the hang of my new work 🙂

**Mark Escaler is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Ateneo de Manila.


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