A few weeks ago, in a really swift, unexpected turn of events, I was offered a job at an agency, which I applied in October last year. Having left my first job after only 6 months, I was quite wary that I’d appear to be too much of jumper. You know, that kid semi-fresh out of school, jumping from one company to another unsure of what he wants to do in life.

But I guess it’s all about perspective, right? Opportunities like this only come once – and when they do, you grab them by the balls. Just like…

Anyway, I’m really very fortunate to have a very understanding & encouraging direct head, one who says that you’re welcome here and that you can come back. In fact, he’s one to tell me that the industry is like this – people move, here and there. I was quite sad to tell him that I was going to move, given that there was so much more I could have learned and contributed in, and to the company.

But instrumental to all these comings and goings are my friends – Mich ( and Yoggie. “Jeff, we’re looking for a freelance writer, you might know people,” Mich asked me over Facebook chat over a year ago, in which I replied to frantically, “ME ME ME!” Later on in the chat, I told her that I was actually unemployed and looking for a job.

The rest was history.

Despite coming from a more newsy background, Mich didn’t have any qualms what so ever about recommending me to her bosses. She’s very supportive, really. And not just with work, but with blogging, postcard trading, and many other things, as well. In fact, when we talked about my current move, she had more encouraging things to say – you can definitely do this, kaya mo yan, lalala.

Meanwhile, Yoggie was actually one to talk to me last year about applying in this new agency. “May opening dito sa isa, email mo ‘to,” she told me through Facebook chat, as well. I went there multiple times at different months, and finally last July it happened.

How lucky and blessed am I to have friends such as them?

Today was actually my last day in this digital agency, and on Monday, I’ll start at another. At to be fair, pinuno naman ako ng baon para sa mga haharapin ko. To all that has been – thank you. You will be missed.

4 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. I shall miss you, Jeffy! Promise! The sound of you running down the hall, your random singing and dancing, your passion for work, and enlivening competitiveness bring so much joy to us all. Despite the frustrations, I’m sure that the experience was memorable for you as well. You will truly be missed especially by the lady at the post office 🙂

    Love you, pseudo-boyfriend! I’m sure I’ll see you soon! 🙂 Ta-ta!

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