Meeting a former Binibining Pilipinas – International

Before there was Dianne Necio, Krista Kleiner & Lara Quigaman, there was a woman whose stunning looks & winning personality captured the heart of a nation – Binibining Pilipinas – International ‘91, Patty Betita.

(From left to right) Patty Betita, Lorraine Lapus & Shawn Yao

Patty Betita is an accomplished model, beauty queen, mentor, and most of all, mother. She’s had over 20 years of modeling experience, thus she’s an honorary member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. She currently works as an image consultant for women, and even young girls, while modeling on the side.

Now if you’re wondering, Patty also stood out internationally, as she was part of top 12 of the Miss International 1991 Pageant in Tokyo, Japan.

Last week in Tian Di Heaven and Earth Spa as Pascual Laboratories launched a new line of health and wellness supplement a!life in “Ladies First”, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Patty herself! Given her radiant and smooth skin, she was chosen by a!life to be one of their five brand ambassadors, and she was there to talk about her modeling career, being a former beauty queen, and her secret to keeping her youthful glow. I was lucky to have personally asked her a few questions, about what she’s endorsing, and her thoughts on recent Binibining Pilipinas finalist Pat Tumulak & winner Shamcey Supsup!

But would you believe that Patty’s just in her 40s?

“I learned not to be worrier… I think that also comes with age.” Patty said as I asked her about how she keeps her youthful glow despite having to put on and remove make-up all the time. “And I’m very careful with my skin rituals – I use a cleanser. At my age, I’m 42 now, sympre, I want to look young.”

“To keep myself in good health, I really take good care of myself, and I eat healthy. When I was in my 20s, I smoked a lot, I partied hard, but now I want to make sure I’m healthy. How can I do all these work if I’m not healthy?”

Patty shares further, “Sometimes [women] to forget themselves, and in the process [they] get sick. In the same way you care for others, you should also care for yourself.”

“That’s why food supplements like a!life will really help women on the go like me. I need something like this. I need all my vegetables, my fiber, with this supplement the good effects are multiplied.”

Patty is the brand ambassador (and proud user at that) of a!life Restore with Injuv, a food supplement that has Hylauronic Acid that moisturizes from within to help erase the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Now we know what her secret is to keeping that youthful glow.

(from left to right) Ladies First host Bianca Valerio, a!life Brand Manager Diana Gener, Pascual Lab VP for Corp Comm Mia Pascual, a!life Protect Brand Ambassador (BA) Lexie Schultze, a!life Control BA Lucy Torres, a!life Restore BA Patty Betita, a!life Energy BA Lorraine Lapus & a!life Posture Shawn Yao
The a!life line – Control that blocks carbs, Energy for that extra boost, Protect that shields against free radicals, Posture for stronger bones, and Restore as previously mentioned

So what does Patty think of Pat Tumulak and Shamcey Supsup?

“I met Patty at the Philippine Fashion Week. Maganda siya,” she shared. “I was even telling her, o sumali ka ng Miss World, tapos sabi niya ayaw niya muna daw. Pero sabi niya gusto niya sumali ng Professional Models Association of the Philippines.”

“Shamcey is very pretty. Summa Cum Laude yan di ba? Sa UP pa? Ang talino nyan! May chance ‘to.”

BOYINPLAID asks: What do you think of Patty & what she said?

4 thoughts on “Meeting a former Binibining Pilipinas – International

  1. Indeed, she is the epitome of a true Filipina beauty. Her look and even her ideas on how to look good at such an age is timeless. As we all know, time has no respect for beauty, but she was able to defy time as can be seen in her flawless skin and glowing personality. 🙂

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