Shirtless American Idol Contestants

The quality of Idol contestants have been a little inconsistent — we’ve had an awesome bunch in Adam Lambert’s season, then a completely forgettable one in Lee Dewyze’s, and then a quite good set this year. But the good thing is, Idol never stopped from giving us the goods. Here are some of hottest shirtless Idols in its entire history.


David Cook – Season 7 Winner

I’d love to put David Cook in the list, but I really couldn’t find any picture of him topless. So I’ll settle for arm porn & leg porn.

David Hernandez – Season 7 Finalist, Top 12

Objectively speaking, David Hernandez has one awesome body. But there’s just something about him that doesn’t evoke sexy for me. Probably all that Mariah songs he’s been singing?

#6: Kris Allen – Season 8 Winner

This is Kris out on a vacation with his family. Now he doesn’t have a perfect body, I think he can work on his abs more, but those are pecs are really nice 🙂

#5: Anthony Fedorov – Season 4 Finalist, Top 4

While on Idol, Anthony was a timid, shy boy seemingly reluctant to all the attention, kind of like Scotty McCreery. A decade after, Anthony has ditched the good boy image — here he is in an episode of US Fear Factor, all chiseled and delish!

#4: Chris RichardsonSeason 6, Top 6

Who would have thought that beneath all those clothes would be a body like this?! Really, if Chris Richardson showed this during the competition, I think he would have garnered more votes 🙂

#3: Stefano Langone – Season 10, Top 7

I’m cheating here because he’s really not topless, but Stefano is packing some serious meat. Just look at that chest.

#3: Jovany Barreto – Season 10, Top 24

He may not have reached the Idol top 12, but here, he’s in the top 3. And the perfect phrase to describe Jovany’s body: “Ulam na.”

#2: Ace Young, Season 4, Top 7

Now this body is perfect — not too much muscle on the chest, just the meat for the arms. Yum.

#1: Tim Urban: Season 9, Top 7

It should come as no surprise to you that I put Tim Urban on top of this list. Just imagine Zac Efron on American Idol, that’s Tim. Plus that permanent smile on his face could cure cancer.

7 thoughts on “Shirtless American Idol Contestants

  1. OMG, i loved loved looooved both Tim Urban AND Ace Young (his version of Father Figure was so sexy, had it on replay for the longest time) just because they were smoking hot. i’m glad to see that your post agrees =)

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