Fashion of his love vis-à-vis I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Did Lady Gaga copy Whitney Houston?

Lady Gaga’s latest studio album “Born This Way” has just been released last Monday, and it looks like she’s all set to dethrone Adele from the Billboard 200. The Wall Street Journal reports that digital sales estimates on the first day ALONE of “Born This Way” is around 350,000 – close if not more than Adele’s total sales for the whole year!

One bonus track from the Born This Way however – “Fashion of his love” – is getting a lot of flak for sounding like Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Just look at how much hate comments Perez Hilton got when he blogged about how he loved Gaga’s song so much.

From the get go alone, one can tell that “Fashion of his love” has a totally danceable 80s vibe. Gaga wrote this song as a tribute to Alexander McQueen who has greatly influenced her style. “You know that I’d never cheat on a man, cause I’m not like that,” Gaga sings. “I’m physically crafted to be as fitting as McQueen.”

Listen to it here:

Now compare that to Whitney’s song:

Sounds similar right? Here’s a mashup:

Little Monsters have been quick to defend Lady Gaga for this one, but I don’t think there’s a need to, actually.

I doubt that anyone from Gaga’s team overlooked the similarity, let alone meant likeness. And she said in this year’s Grammy Awards that she was inspired by Whitney Houston, right? I think this her paying tribute not just to McQueen, to Whitney, as well J

Taking it further, won’t it be amazing if these ladies performed a mash-up of their songs?!

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