Becoming more virile

When my family and I went to the States a few years ago, these were the pictures I took.

I just didn’t have enough memory and battery for everything I wanted to shoot. We stayed in Waldorf Astoria where we actually bumped into P. Diddy. There’s the numerous towers and skyscrapers which at times made me feel stupid because I wanted to take photo of all of them. There’s Times Square, Liberty Island, the flowers, and even Albatross birds flying over the rocky shore.

Forward to a few years after, when we went to Singapore and these were the pictures I took.

There’s Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore flowers, and yes, men all over the island. I have an album full of pictures ofย  these men, unaware of the offensive things I’ve thought and done. How telling.

What a difference a few years make no?

4 thoughts on “Becoming more virile

  1. I love your pictures Jeff! The one with the flowers and the one of the ferris wheel are my favorites. Looks like you had a lot of fun! GJ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS: That last guy is super cute. :>

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