Cam Gigandet on GQ Magazine

He’s been on a roll lately – grabbing stiff roles from the musical Burlesque (how I wish I was Christina Aguilera =P), to the teen comedy Easy A, Cam Gigandet is slowly finding his place in Hollywood. Check him out in this month’s GQ Magazine.

So sexxxay.

Who would have thought that puny role in Twilight would open the doors for him?

And doesn’t he look better than R Patz & Taylor Lautner?

Here are more shots from the GQ shoot.

But I think he’s hottest in this photo:

There’s just something with dads. They’re so masculine, responsible, and well, virile. Yum. Spell DILF please.

P.S I watched “Priest” last night. It was okay, nothing new. Worth watching for Cam thought. He has a supporting role, playing the sheriff of a small town.

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