Happy Birthday Papa!

Papa’s life is calmer now — no more early morning phone calls from his boss, no more 6-day work week, and no more 12-hour drive just to check up on one of the branches he’s managing in Ilocos then drive to Makati to report to the head office.

The bank kept him a consultant, for what I don’t know, but I do know that he spends a day or two at work, 5 to 6 hours tops. His office is a whole floor in Nueva Ecija, I’m sure his staff loves that he’s almost never there.

I guess he’s run the whole mile, he’s paid his dues.

He’s turning 61 on Sunday, by the way. Just like last year, we’re having a big gathering to celebrate it. His clients, his friends, his employees, and just about everyone that matters to him will be there. I guess his desire to host a party again comes with the old age, and retirement. And as the only child who can be coerced to deliver speech, I’m finding creative ways on how to thank him for the life he’s afforded us all — his lazy siblings who don’t do anything other than to play Bingo, his children who may or may not have turned out the way he wanted them to be.

Papa busies himself now with Willing Willie. Trust me, he’d never miss an episode. I can’t even tell you how disappointed he was when I expressed my displeasure over Willie Revillame, the show’s host, given the latest scandal that hit him, and his show. He had a whole conspiracy theory about how this was all ABS-CBN orchestrated, given how much TV5 is eating away the Kapamilya network’s audiences, giving GMA 7 the chance to lead nationwide. He even argued Going Bulilit, that this show’s even worse, and that Willie’s just getting flak because he’s back in the game, once again.

Call him a desensitized viewer, but really, it’s small things like this show that make him smile.  Every chance I get to see him watching this show, he’s laughing, and he’s happy.

I wanted to argue more, about how Willie is such a hypocrite, about how low he went when he attacked Lea Salonga, and Aiza Seguerra, but I dropped it. I guess he deserves to enjoy his show, without me spoiling it.

This is it for Papa. This is what he’s worked so hard for all his life — to be able to just watch TV every night while munching on chips, no stresses, nothing to think about, to be able to plan a slew of travels (they’ll be going to London to visit my sister in September, in December they’re planning to go to Hong Kong and next year, they’ll be flying to Rome) and not care about vacation leaves, or pay cuts.

It’s his time to enjoy what the world has to offer, and his hard-earned retirement money, and yes, even Willing Willie.

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