Hold it Against Her

“Look at her dancing, how can you not lip-sync when you’re dancing like that?” a younger cousin of mine said many, many years ago in defense of Britney Spears when I criticized her for not singing live.

Even though I found the excuse a little flimsy, I accepted it. Maybe Britney wants to concentrate on her dancing more, I said to myself.

So when she’s sitting down singing something like “Everytime”, why is she still lip-syncing?!

I swear, I haven’t seen Britney sing live, ever. More than a Grammy, I think she deserves an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role given how well she mouths the words to her songs, especially when she’s on a stool. There’s so much emotion in her face, ha.

So I guess that’s what the big productions are for in her concerts? I mean, she has to make up for the lip-syncing in one way or another, right?

And now that she can’t dance even half as good as before, what’s her excuse? Can we finally admit that she really can’t sing, and she’s just the work of machinery?

I always talk about Beyonce in cases like this – how can she dance like that and still manage to sing live incredibly well?

Real talent, I guess?

And not just that, artists like Beyonce, or Lady Gaga, or Rihanna prefer to work on their music with their producers. They’re part of the entire process of crafting the music. But it seems like Mizz Britney prefers to be served her music. And while her contemporaries have grown artistically over the years, Christina Aguilera going through soul, jazz and blues with “Back to Basics”, and Mandy Moore going “Amanda Leigh” rediscovering music of the 80s, Britney, in the words of Alexis Petridis of Britain’s Guardian newspaper, remains “as anonymous as ever, a state of affairs amplified by the lavishing of Auto-Tune.”

It’s sad for me how Britney has overshadowed someone as talented as Christina all these years – girl has real talent, for Pete’s sake!

But yeah, perhaps our interest in Britney is only partly because of her music. We’re more interested about her personal life, her struggles — we don’t hold it against her for not singing live, or having songs that all mean the same thing but we’ll be here watching, ‘til the end of time.

Oh God, I hope “Born This Way” trumps “Femme Fatale.” Britney has to give more to her fans, really.

2 thoughts on “Hold it Against Her

  1. I don’t even know her new songs anymore. I have never heard of Femme Fatale. She is no longer as popular as we seem to think? Or maybe I’m just so out of touch. hehehe

  2. I was a hater before but suddenly it changed when she released her single “Till the world ends” and realizing all she had been through just to come back in to the limelight.Lipping, that’s her! She’s been know for lip-synching. I remember she performed with Christina and Madonna at the VMA up to the last minute she recorded her part (knowing she only have short lines in that performance). Oh Brit!

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