Hot Brazilian Men

Brazil is one of my ultimate dream travel destinations – along with Thailand and The Netherlands – and it’s not just about sight seeing. What I really want is to penetrate the local culture, climaxing in cultural enculturation and exchange.

Okay fine, it’s really just about the boys.

Oh my God, about the boys.

We all know Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide and Akihiro Sato (written in order of importance) – Brazilian models giving our local models a run for their money.

It’s only recently that I’ve confirmed that really, in Brazil, they look ordinary.

I’ve never been a fan of pageantry, but to prove my point, take a look at some of this year’s contestants for Mr. Brazil.


Lets start off with a bang, Mr. Acre (state) - Bruno Mendes (name)
Ooh La La, Mister Amapá - Bruno Santos
I wanna be stuck in Alcatraz with Mister Alcatrazes - Marco Betti
Future Regatta model, Mr. Atol das Rocas - Renan Oliveira
Let the picture speak for itself, Mr. Ilhas de Búzios - Lucas Malvacini
Yummy Dark Chocolate, Mr. Itaparica 2011 - Ramirez Allender
If you like it sweet and innocent, here's Mr. Minas Gerais - Bruno Soraggi Bachur
Spot the bulge, Mr. Roraima - Junior Ferreira
I guess he was so good-looking they just had to share him? Mr. São Pedro & São Paulo - Magryno Ricardo
Here are my top picks: First off, Mr. Piauí - Murilo Rezende
And then comes the super hottie, Mr. Ilhas do Delta do Jacuí - Gustavo Martins Schmitt

So what do you think of our local Brazilian models now? I don’t think some of them will even make it to this shortlist!

I guess these Brazilian men are proof of a divine presence somewhere, really.

Wanna go to Brazil with me?

P.S Who’s your favorite?

Note: featured image is Lucas Gil, Mr. Brazil 2007; pictures grabbed from

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