Loose Sentences

Sometimes I wish I had such precision with my writing like Mina does, or such gifted storytelling skills like Anna Bueno’s. Trust me, I don’t even write half as funny or as interesting as Portia does. I don’t even have a niche, like Mich Bugante.

I’m insecure, fine.

But really, I just feel like my writing isn’t good enough, even after tons of revision.  What sounds funny and interesting as I write it often seems corny and forced after a week.

They say a good writer always makes his voice heard with his words – so yeah, I haven’t found mine.

My most frequent reader has this to say about my writing (of course I’m paraphrasing for more drama): second-rate Zafra, unable to pull off the sarcasm.

Add to that recent Twitterverse events that made me question the validity and relevance of my opinions. I’m not really the most experienced or learned person in the world, right? But I often express my opinions, not knowing that I ticked off some readers in the process.

What does this say about my writing, especially that it was only around 140 characters? What more if it were full-length pieces?

A good friend told me not to take such things too seriously, but I do.

No, this isn’t an entry where I’m indirectly asking you to comment and assure me that I write well or to tell me that this is all just a part of maturing and growing.

Instead, this entry is sort of a memento – so that when the day comes that I find my writing voice, or I win a Palanca, or I’m cited by ADOBO Mag for copywriting (dreams right there) or basically, I just learned to write good shit – I’d be able to laugh at myself.

Corny mo talaga bakla.

3 thoughts on “Loose Sentences

  1. I think all of us, at one point or another in our lives, feel that way – especially people who love writing. Don’t worry Jeff! I’m certain you’ll find your voice – and that you can make one (or heck, all!) your dreams come true. 🙂

  2. Every blog (blogger) has a character. Some we like more than others because its character matches ours. Keep on writing, Jeff! There are people who can relate to you and who share your opinions. These are the people who actually read your entries. Don’t worry about the haters. They are a fact of life. It’s your own self-expression that matters more than theirs 🙂

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