You’re currently listening to “Someone Like You” by Adele as you write this. Not that you’re writing to yourself because someone like him has motivated you directly/indirectly to write this, it’s just that songs like this motivate you to write – it gets you in that writing mood; it transports you to that writing place.

But you’ve successfully daydreamed throughout the entire song, along with the next one that played which is “A Love That Will Last” by Renee Olstead – and all you’ve written in 9 minutes are two sentences plus this one – really, how hard is it to write to yourself?

And so you played “Someone Like You” again. Here’s another shot at that writing place.

How has it been, Jeff? You’ve moved jobs, moved to a new home, moved again to a new life.

You’ve been enjoying your new work, which is not to say that you didn’t enjoy your previous work, but it’s just that certain circumstances made you want to go, and so you needed to go. And it all went by so fast.

You find your new work easier, not because the work itself is easier, but because your work environment is better. Nobody checks up on you every 5 minutes, and fails to understand why it’s taking you so long to finish. There’s mutual trust, they assign you your work, and that’s it. Most of the time, they don’t even assign you deadlines, you just accomplish it as soon as possible and submit. But knowing you, you always want to be magis, so you try to work as efficiently as possible. Just last week, you’ve finished all the drafts for a big client in 4 working days. Yes, in just 4 working days. Of course you cheated, because you worked on a Sunday.

It’s also good that the people around you are very likable, very kind. You’ll learn a lot from them, especially from a couple who you’re with in Strat Plan. Don’t misinterpret though, but they’re not a couple, you meant it as a couple of people. Are you smirking right now?

So there, pay’s better, work hours, just wonderful.

I guess you’re off to a good start?

And even with your weight issues, seems like you’re on track.

Just last Thursday, you weighed in and you gained 3 pounds of muscle weight. Yes, muscle weight. Please tell me you’re quite beefy now.

Now “Stargazing” by Leon Jackson is playing, funny how you lost track of what songs played.

It’s such a good place to be in, that writing place.

And just like that, you’ve daydreamed again. Go back to writing!

So you played “Someone Like You” again. This will be the last, you tell yourself. You just have to, as you write the last sentences.

How has it been, Jeff? You’ve moved jobs, moved to a new home, moved again to a new life.

Has that London trip pushed through? Were you able to take that Marketing certificate program? How has your sex life been? How’s your new nephew, Caleb? Are you officially out to your parents? Did you get a salary raise already?

Most of all, have you guys talked already?

As much as you deny it, someone like him motivates you to write.

Someone like him.


Jeffy / March 6, 2011

(Try futureme.org)

3 thoughts on “FutureMe

  1. The following is an e-mail from the past, sent through FutureMe.org
    It was composed on Wednesday, March 3, 2010, to be sent on Thursday, March 3, 2011:
    by FutureMe user candicemontenegro@gmail.com:

    Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are,
    I hope you’re happy and fulfilled. 🙂

    1. Thanks Neil! 🙂 Good luck rin sa inyo =)
      I’m sure mas malaki na responsibility dahil sa GMA News TV 🙂

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