The Monster Ball

Two nights ago, she came to me just like an angel, about to ask a virgin to commit her entire life for mankind’s savior.

But I am not pure, I am not chaste. There was no way this was an announciation.

But it was.

She proclaimed that a Ball was coming to Sodom, a ball filled with Monsters of all kinds. These Monsters won’t be burned – they will rejoice, for the Ball brought more than a feast, it brought a Haus where everyone was welcome. She was coming to educate the ignorant, and even offend the conservative.

She wouldn’t be there in the Ball, but the Monsters could see her like she was in front of them, their paws almost touching. Mother Monster wasn’t there in the flesh, but they believed she was there in spirit.

Lady Gaga has been on a publicity rampage these past few weeks.

There’s the visitation at 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper
There’s the presentation of the Born This Way music video
There’s the proclamation from Rolling Stone about Born This Way, the album
There’s the institution of Little Monster Maria Aragon into a star
There's the scourging from Madonna's rep
There's the finding of Lady Gaga at the Thierry Mugler fashion show
Who can forget the carrying of the egg at the Grammys (more so, the egg entrance itself)

And there’s the Monster Ball, which will finally be aired on HBO.

I wanted this one to be a 3D movie. I wanted to see her live, even if she wasn’t really there; not in the flesh, but in spirit.

But I guess that was all just a dream.

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