My Top 5 Favorite X Factor Duets

While the latest season of American Idol has been a joy to watch, largely because of the new judges, I’m still betting on the forthcoming X Factor US to become the king of all reality shows.

You see, while X Factor is similar to Idol, X Factor mixes up certain elements that make up a more interesting show. For one, judges double as mentors, closely guiding contestants from song selection to the performance itself. Rather than judges only having a say after each contestant’s performance, they actually contribute more to the growth of that artist. You’re likely not to hear a contestant or judge say these lines on X Factor: “But I didn’t pick that song!” and “You’re a good singer, but your song choice…”

Another thing I love about X Factor are the duets. In the grand finals of the competition, the remaining X Factor finalists get to do a duet with a world-famous pop star. Take a look at some of my favorites:

Christina Aguilera with Rebecca Fergusson singing “Beautiful” (Season 7). Funny though, Christina really made Rebecca look like an amateur.

Boyzone with Ethan Quigg singing “Picture of You” (Season 5). This one was fun to watch, because Ethan looks like he would fit into Boyzone at their prime.

Rihanna with Matt Cardle singing “Unfaithful” (Season 7). Watch as Rihanna teases Matt Cardle, I kinda felt that sexual tension.

Westlife with JLS singing “Flying Without Wings” (Season 5). Well I loved, still love Westlife so this was an obvious favorite.

Beyonce with Alexandra Burke singing “Listen” (Season 5). This was my favorite one ever because of how real it was — a fan and her idol singing together. Beyonce was so supportive and so real. Love her.

Watch this and see for yourself how real she is:

I can just imagine how awesome this would be in the US version. I can already see Lady Gaga, Usher, or John Mayer making an appearance. Wouldn’t that be just awesome?!

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