My 5 Favorite Grammy Moments

Finally after years of decline, there is renewed interest for the Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone reports that this year’s ceremonies was watched by an audience of 26.66 million, 3% higher compared to last year’s. While I particularly do not agree with this year’s winners for the Album of the Year (Arcade Fire), Song of the Year and Record of the Year (Need You Now by Lady Antebellum), this year’s Grammys was clearly more festive and well-produced than those the previous years.

Here are my five favorite moments from this year’s awards:

#5: GAGA'S ARRIVAL IN A POD. Nobody can upstage Lady Gaga, really. Arriving in this "egg" designed by Hussein Chalayan, this moment will go down in history as one of the most outrageous, yet original, red carpet ploys, errr, procession.
#4: JUSTIN'S PERFORMANCE WITH JADEN SMITH. Not really a fan of the Biebs, but seeing Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith proud of their son made it very touching for me.
#3: ARETHA FRANKLIN TRIBUTE. Nothing more entertaining than belters trying to outshine each other. And uhm, Christina Aguilera fell after. Intense competition much?
#2: CEE LO GREEN AND GWYNETH PALTROW'S PERFORMANCE. Lets face it, Gwyneth can do anything. And its so much fun to watch someone having fun.
#1: LADY GAGA'S BORN THIS WAY PERFORMANCE. Following a "creative embryonic incubation", Lady Gaga finally performed her long awaited single, "Born This Way". Some see it as underwhelming given her track record of explosive live performances, but I think this one made her talent shine more.. And that's what the Grammy Awards is all about anyway right -- talent.

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