See Fit

Aren’t you irritated with guys who keep on posting topless pictures of themselves on Facebook? You know, the ones who update us on how big their muscles have grown and all that shit? I mean, okay, tms (too much skin).

Well, I’m trying to be one of them.

I’ve been going to the gym, usually after work.

Speaking of work, I have yet to tell you guys about my new work. That’ll be for another entry though.

So yeah, been working out, taking supplements right after.

On my first day, my personal trainer asked me what my goals are and why I wanted to work out.

At that point, I asked myself, why the fuck was I there. Why the hell would I waste time and money working out, just so I would look good for other people? It was a pretty dramatic moment for me, mind you. I felt so insecure, and underappreciated.

Okay, not really.

“I wanna gain weight!”

“Oo nga, halata naman.”

“And have a body like Brent Corrigan or Everett’s!”

“Ah talaga? Nice. Hot naman nun, sir.”

Okay, the last two sentences I made up lang. If you don’t know who those Brents are, I suggest you google them. NSFW though!

So there, we set the goal — 130 lbs in a few months, higher protein diet, and 5 day a week workout. It’s been pretty fun, fulfilling. There’s just a certain euphoric feeling after working out — taking control of your body, challenging yourself, pushing your boundaries.

As I always say (Okay, I really don’t), be your ideal self. Life won’t wait.

If you want a hot guy, be hot yourself. Fair trade 🙂

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