53rd GRAMMY Awards Predictions

One for Katy Perry, please. Even just one.

The 53rd GRAMMY Awards are 41 days away, and just like last year (9/10 predictions) it’s time to predict who’ll take home music’s most coveted award.

It’s no secret now that I want Katy Perry to win, but fierce competition in the form of Eminem, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum face Katy for “Album of the Year.” Meanwhile, she’s against chart rival Lady Gaga in all other categories she’s nominated in — “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance,” “Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals” and “Best Pop Vocal Album.”

Will Katy can go home empty-handed? Here’s how I think she’ll fare, along with my other predictions:

Best Pop Vocal Album

  • My World 2.0 – Justin Bieber
  • I Dreamed a Dream – Susan Boyle
  • The Fame Monster – Lady Gaga
  • Battle Studies – John Mayer
  • Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Alternative: Battle Studies. Nevermind that John Mayer’s a dud in bed, he’s an amazing songwriter, anyway.

He’s no stranger to the Best Pop Album category; he won this one in 2007 with Continuum. And I think he should take this one home again. Battle Studies is just a slew of well-penned songs one after another. He’s managed to write songs that are just relatable, and true, and passionate. Anything other than stay is go, yes?

Prediction: Although it doesn’t follow, I’m counting out My World 2.0 and I Dreamed a Dream for the simple reason that songs in these albums have no nods whatsoever. Please, Susan Boyle doesn’t deserve this award. Name me one song in the album aside from the title track. It doesn’t help that there’s no buzz about her either. And ehrm, Justin Bieber. Don’t even get me started. One Time and Baby are fun, cool songs, but maybe not the Grammys yet.

Meanwhile, John Mayer has been praised for his musicianship in Battle Studies while Katy Perry has momentum on her side as she’s currently #1 on US charts with Firework.

But the year in Pop music was clearly defined by Lady Gaga. The Academy knows this, that’s why she’s nominated for 6 awards in all, one for an unreleased track. And I think her minions are at hard at work for her to win. Born This Way, her first single from the album of the same name will be released the same day as the Grammy Awards. Talk about coincidence. She’ll take this one, I have no doubt about it.

Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals

  • Airplanes, Part II – B.o.B, Eminem & Hayley Williams
  • Imagine – Herbie Hancock, Pink, India.Arie, Seal, Konono No 1, Jeff Beck & Oumou Sangare
  • If it Wasn’t for Bad – Elton John & Leon Russell
  • Telephone – Lady Gaga & Beyonce
  • Califonia Gurls – Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg

Alternative, Prediction — Lets face it, this one belongs to Lady Gaga & Beyonce. By virtue of inspiring Lady Gagita and Haronce alone. Closest competition would be B.o.B, Eminem & Hayley Williams with Airplanes, Part II.

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals

  • Don’t Stop Believin’ (Regionals Version) – Glee Cast
  • Misery – Maroon 5
  • The Only Exception – Paramore
  • Babyfather – Sade
  • Hey, Soul Sister (Live) – Train

Alternative- The Only Exception. Yes, I’m cheesy like that. It’s just a nice, sweet song. Don’t judge.

Prediction – The performance of this song might have earned them last place in the regionals, but it looks like it will give them their first Grammy. The hype, the masses and the machinery are just on their favor. And haven’t we all heard someone say that Glee songs are more enjoyable than the show’s story?

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

  • Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble
  • This is it – Michael Jackson
  • Whataya Want From Me – Adam Lambert
  • Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  • Half of My Heart – John Mayer

Alternative – John Mayer songs just come from a real, genuine place. Half of my Heart is no exception. The lukewarm reception to this song doesn’t make it likely to win this one though.

Prediction – Just the Way You Are just never got to me. But I think it’ll win this one — there’s not much competition anyway. Michael Buble time and time again gets multiple nods but always just wins in the Standards, Adam Lambert’s chances are slim, and the MJ fever has died down.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

  • King of Anything – Sara Bareilles
  • Halo (Live) – Beyonce
  • Chasing Pirates – Norah Jones
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Alternative – I can’t choose. With the exception of Chasing Pirates, the songs in this category are my favorites out of 2010. It doesn’t help that I love these girls too. Beyonce’s performance of Halo at the Wynn in Las Vegas is just stellar, just brilliant. Might have moved me to tears if I wasn’t resistant. I love Bad Romance too, to the point that I even used it in one of my Comm classes in college for my visual analysis. And God knows how many times I’ve sang King of Anything to someone in my head. Then there’s Teenage Dream, the most played song in my iTunes. I can’t choose, really.

Prediction – Bad Romance by an inch against Teenage Dream. Just because Bad Romance is more theatrical and requires more spunk to sing. This is a vocal performance category, anyway. Remember when the Glee kids sang it? It sounded so blah. Because only someone like Lady Gaga can perform it. But when they sang Teenage Dream? It even kinda sounded better! The buzz about Katy Perry’s less than stellar live singing doesn’t help her either. Beyonce would have won this but the original version of the song won this category last year. I doubt they’ll vote for Halo again. A come from behind win from Sara Bareilles is highly unlikely, and Norah Jones’ 2010 release is too under the radar.

Best New Artist

  • Justin Bieber
  • Drake
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Esperanza Spalding

Alternative – Florence and the Machine just because they performed at the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Prediction – Drake (You’re probably wondering why I snubbed Justin Bieber. Nothing personal, it’s just that I think he’s in the same position as Taylor Swift (2008) the Jo Bros (2009) were in. They both lost.)

Song of the Year

  • Beg Steal or Borrow – Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs
  • Fuck You – Cee Lo Green
  • The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert
  • Love the Way You Lie – Eminem feat. Rihanna
  • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

Alternative – I’m ruling out the country songs — Nashville will be too divided. Fuck You is the only real competition for Love the Way You Lie.

Prediction – Love the Way You Lie. Definitely. The Academy loves Eminem too much.

Album of the Year

  • The Suburbs – Arcade Fire
  • Recovery – Eminem
  • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  • The Fame Monster – Lady Gaga
  • Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Alternative – Dude has an Oscar, so I’ll go with Eminem. I’m just not a fan, obviously.

Prediction – This one I’m not too sure, but I think it’s her year. It’s the first EP to be nominated in this category (only 8 tracks in this album, how slim!) and that shows us how much the Academy loves Gaga. She’s a loser if she doesn’t get this, she’s so hard at work to get acclaim and buzz, while Eminem’s just raking in the money (and the awards)! I highly doubt a sweep for Eminem anyway, he’s had his time. Other contenders stand little chance to snag it from Eminem and Gaga — Arcade Fire (too underrated), Lady Antebellum (popular country, but lacks the wide appeal Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks had) and Katy Perry (lets face it, she was trailing behind Gaga for the most part of 2010).

Record of the Year

  • Nothin’ On You – B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars
  • Love The Way You Lie – Eminem featuring Rihanna
  • Fuck You – Cee Lo Green
  • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  • Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Alternative – Love The Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna by virtue of sweeping the noms.

Prediction – A big song inspired by the Big Apple, Empire State of Mind will win this one for being an orchestral rap song, one that’s a love letter for the big city. Shivers still go down my spine when Alicia Keys reaches the hooks. When I look back at 2010, I wanna look back and hear this song, not some abusive, ridiculous song.

Plus the Academy loves Jay-Z too, not just Eminem.

And so by the looks of it, Katy Perry can go empty-handed if my predictions come true.

She’ll have her time, I just know it.

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards will be aired live on CBS 8PM ET/PT, February 13 (no local carrier yet)

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