Footwear Fetish

I’ve thought of it many times, too often, in fact. If I win the Grand Lotto 6/55 jackpot amounting to P507,699,338, I swear to God, I will buy so many shoes.

Yes, some people think of getting cars, houses, doing charity and traveling if they win the lotto, and I, of course, would spend on those too but shoes are my priority.

I’d buy these shoes in a heartbeat if I win the lotto:

Raucci - Aldo (looks perfect for everyday use)
Basel - Aldo (I really want loafers!)
Coolige - Onitsuka Tiger (something high cut)
Reprise Cuff Leather Plimsoll - Fred Perry (something I'd wear to the mall)
Classic Slip-On - TOMS (something to complete the relaxed look)
Braata Men's - Nike (of course there has to be Nike here somewhere)

And so many more.

I guess I like shoes because I love walking. I used to walk from McDonald’s Katipunan to Dela Strada Church, from GMA Network to McDonald’s Timog, so good shoes are essential to me. I can think when I walk, you know. Nevermind the dust, the smog, the honking cars, there’s just something about walking that enables me to tune out all these foreign sounds, and concentrate.

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