Day 15 — The person you miss the most

Dear Jam and Yoggie,

I’m tempted to upload our version of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” but I know that it won’t do any of us good as we practically showed off our wild sides. Maybe when either one of you become famous and rich, I’ll sell it to TMZ.

I miss you both because the two of you remind me so much of how fun and awesome and unbelievable college was. I can look back and just laugh at our goofy moments. Thesis sem in the ACOMM room, your visits at GCM (Yoggie you were drunk, and Jam you were still coaching me to go out with “Juju”), crazy lunch dates and many more memories I just look back to with so much fondness.

Jam, we don’t get to talk anymore, but I hope you know that I really do love and miss you.

Yoggie, that semester we spent together 24/7 as if we were in the Big Brother house showed us both our good and bad sides. And we emerged victorious. I just know that after that we’ll be friends forever. I love you, sexy biatch.

I hope that when we’ve finished the climb, we can regroup and remember just how we were. Then maybe we could watch our “The Climb” video together and realize that true friendship lasts.



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