Day 14 — Someone I’ve drifted away from

Dear Pollie,

Do you realize I was so gay even back then?

I mean, c’mon, a girl bestfriend? Just the concept of bestfriend is already too gay, what more if it was a girl bestfriend for a guy?

And c’mon, you know of everything I did back then. Remember that Frederick slip?

I found him cute, honestly. So one time I could stop myself and I said, “Kung magiging bading ako, si Frederick yung crush ko.”

If that wasn’t gay, Elton John can be straight.

I know you felt it. You were my bestfriend after all, right?

I’m sorry I’ve drifted away not just from you, but from everyone else. I hope you understand that when I was exploring my sexuality and eventually accepted it, I felt like I couldn’t go back. I had girlfriends, the community is small and parents would have known immediately, the shame, the gossip. I just couldn’t.

But now that you’re aware of the changes, I hope we can reconnect. I’m sure there have been a lot of changes with you, too.



3 thoughts on “Day 14 — Someone I’ve drifted away from

  1. Hi Jeff.

    Don’t ask me how I found this blog. I just did. And it’s a pity I only read this now. Honestly, I cried after I realized what this was about. I still am crying. I’ve neglected a lot of friendships too, including ours. And now I realize how much I miss having you around. Thank you for this letter. 🙂

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