Day 11 — A Deceased person I wish I could talk to

Dear Daddy,

I blame you for my sappiness. Hahaha.

My friends know it, my ex-boyfriends love/hate it, even my Feature Writing professor knows it– I’m too cheesy. I love romantic comedies. I read almost all Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I constantly daydream about dates and romantic stuff. And I blame you for this.

Growing up, I saw how dearly you loved Mommy. Never would there be a day that you won’t be hugging her, even if you had a big fight earlier. Everytime you’d be in the hospital, you’d still be sleeping on the same bed. On your anniversaries, you’d ask me to buy flowers and cards, and in your Golden Wedding celebration, Mommy felt awkward to kiss you in front of your family and friends, but you weren’t!

I always remember the letter you gave Mommy during World War II. You said the two of you met in a school as both of you were teachers, but had to separate because you enlisted as a soldier. Kind of cinematic, don’t you think so? One day, I just know it, I’ll write something similar for the one I love.

“Albina, I will survive this war. See you. Always and forever, Lucio.”

We had a picture of the letter made out into button pins for your 50th anniversary party. I still have mine, kept dearly with my button pins from high school and college.

Thank you for showing us that true love exists.

Always and forever,


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