Day 8 — My Internet Friend

Dear Vica,

The world is really small, isn’t it?

You were one of my first internet friends. We met through Xanga, then a popular bloghost, and we started commenting on each other’s entries.

Years after, who would have thought we’d be together in Ateneo, even more so, the same organization?

“She’s asking about you!” my blockmate Pets Garcia said during OrSem 06 as she made her way inside a room in CTC for the ACOMM Freshman Forum.

“Hi Jeff! I’m Vica from Xanga!” you said as we finally met in real life.

I’m so glad to say that four years after, you weren’t just an internet friend anymore.

You were a real one.

Good luck with your final semester,


One thought on “Day 8 — My Internet Friend

  1. I used to hate the idea of going to college in Ateneo. It was never an option for me. I had my heart set on going to La Salle and we used to have arguments about which university was better. πŸ˜‰

    You were one of the people who actually made me think that maybe Ateneo was worth a shot. You were always so passionate about AdMU that it made me wonder whether my impressions and assumptions about the school were wrong. Turns out, you were right after all. I’m super grateful I met you Jeff ❀ Thanks for being awesome πŸ™‚

    #whatismadrama πŸ™‚ haha

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