Day 7 — An Ex

Dear Rj,

You were my first love.

Sure, I’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends before you, but I can honestly say that you were the first one I really loved.

And there’s nothing else quite like us.

The two years that I have spent with you have defined who I am and who I can be. You were there for everything consequential during college and you understood me even when I couldn’t understand myself. Sure, you’ve had your share of misgivings, and I’ve had mine. But I’ve let it all go. I hold no grudge in my heart.

I hope you can too.

When I look back, all I want to remember now is our good memories. I look back at them with much fondness. Alam mo yung mag-isa akong tumatawa at ngumingiti?

“Magaling ka sa play ah,” I said flirtly to you after watching Passion of the Christ, the first offering of Dulaang UP for that season.

“Thanks. Haha. Saan ka na punta ngayon?” You replied while covering your pimples with your hands.

“Uwi na. Ano ka ba, wag mo takpan pimples mo. Okay lang, hello tingnan mo ako.”


Pero sorry wag mo ako pagtatawanan ah, pero paano ako magco-commute papuntang Katipunan?”

“Ah okay lang,” you said as you taught me where to go to find jeepneys en route to Katipunan.

Did you find that cute? Or did you find that bratty?

“Thanks. Sige una na ako.”

“Saan ka ba nakatira?”

“Sa Katipunan lang. Malapit sa McDo.”

“Ah, pupunta kami dun, gusto mo i-meet kita after dinner?”

Sige. Text mo lang ako.”

That rainy day, the 9th of July year 2007, set the course of the following years.

It was one of those fast things. You look back and you realize it has only been a month yet you feel so strongly about the person already. On August 26 of the same year, we made everything official.

“Who would have thought?” you’d always say. Who would have really thought we’d stay together for that long. Kahit ako hindi ko in-expect.

Nandun na yung dinala pa kita sa ospital pagkatapos kang makagat ng aso, yung magkasama tayo sa mga birthday, Christmas, New Year at anniversaries, yung bigla akong nagpakilala sa Mommy mo, yung dinalan kita ng flowers after ng The Maids, yung magkakasama tayo nila Cands sa iamninoy, pati ang endless TV show and movie marathons natin.

And for what it’s worth, I love you. I still do. And I always will.

You were really my first love.

And there’s really no one else quite like you.


Hubby Jeff

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