Day 4 — My sister

Dear Ate,

Last month I was so surprised when you called me in the middle of the day– you’re the type to concentrate in your work so you always called after, usually around 10 pm, sometimes even 11.

“Hey Jeff, I just got your credit card bill.”

Oh. Shit.

I tried to recall if I spent on anything major major expensive last month. But I couldn’t remember any purchase I made.

“Oh hi Ate. What’s up?”

“I’m just so surprised that you didn’t swipe anything.”

Right. She called because I didn’t charge anything?

“Hahaha. Yeah, I’m trying to compute my expenses because I don’t want to depend on you naman for nonessential stuff. Di ba nga, my lifestyle won’t adjust to my salary. I have to adjust instead.”

You laughed.

“Okay, just don’t hesitate to swipe, okay? Buy all the books you want.”


“Love you baby brother, I’ll call you later.”

I can’t believe you called me to encourage me to charge stuff on you. And yes, you still call me baby brother.

One time one of your friends heard you call me that.

Ano ka ba naman Jo, baby brother pa ba yan. Nagtratrabaho na oh.

“He’ll always be my baby brother.”

And I’ll always be that to you.

Thanks so much,

Epi 🙂

See my previous blog entry about/for my sister here:

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