Day 1 — My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend / Superduperest,

To be honest, I think we’re a perfect pair. Forget our height and weight dissimilarities, haha weight, and voila, you get two compatible people. Do you remember when I was applying at GMA and when you were asked to describe me, you said through text that I’m more or less the guy (gay) version of you?

That is why it’s not so hard for me to imagine us in a romantic relationship. Yes, as gross as it may sound now, but I think you also played that possibility in your head many, many, many years ago.

Was that why you cried when I came out to you? Do you remember that afternoon?

It was a humid day in December, and we were both headed to Bellarmine Hall for our afternoon classes.

“Candice, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“Lets sit down.”

I started panting, and my heart beat like a drum enraged.

“What, tell me na kasi.”


It was hard, very hard to tell you. I kept rolling my eyes, kept on looking at the students passing us by.


“Give me another five minutes to muster my energies.”

Muster was one of my favorite words to use back then, do you remember?

“Cands, I’m gay.”

I expected you to say, “I knew it!”

But you didn’t. Instead, you cried so hard.

Did you lose me?

Did I die?

“Why are you crying?”

You sobbed harder.

“What’s wrong? I’m still the same person. Nothing’s going to change.”

Still she cried even more.

Then the bell rang.

You picked up your backpack, and rushed to the stairs.

“Wait for me,” I said as you ran off.

And that was the first time I made my homosexuality official to anyone. Oo na, i-edit mo na.

“Make it simple, Jeff. Use came out.”

I think in a weird kind of way, I was destined to be gay so that I could play a certain role in your life. Luckily for both of us, I’m your superduperest, not your whatever-you-and-Allan-call-each-other.

Here’s to our future, together! Oh, next time, wait up for me ah. Don’t rush off.



P.S Thanks for sharing about your boy, listening when I share about my boys LOL

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