140 Twitter Conversations # 3: Ateneo/Twitter Bird

It’s not always the winner who’s talked about.

Take the Ateneo de Manila Blue Babble Battalion for example. Last Sunday, they competed in the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Cheerdance Competition at the Araneta Coliseum. Unfortunately, the team was unable to have a podium finish, clearly because of multiple errors committed throughout the entire routine. But it wasn’t those mistakes that took over cyberspace–it was the team’s props that was the subject of hundreds of retweets and mentions.

The Ateneo de Manila, for those unaware, adopted the Blue Eagle as its mascot in the 1930s. Microblogging-slash-social networking site, Twitter, on the other hand, uses the icon of a bird as its symbol of sorts. Who thought netizens would make such a big joke out of this?

It all started with this tweet, after the Ateneo Blue Babble performed.

And of course, Twitter would reply.

What was funnier was how gullible some Twitter users are. Yes, someone went beak-color specific.

Teh, please. Joke kasi.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Wikipedia generation.

Not all that is tweeted is true, tweethearts.  Remember that similarities to persons (or birds, for that matter) living or dead might be purely coincidental.

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad, btw. Well-deserved!

picture taken from Fabilioh.com

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