LOST: Of Sideway Reality

There were a lot of things that LOST made me think about (sometimes more like confused), but this quite spiritual thought of a “realistic purgatory” made me wonder about my life’s issues.

In the show’s sixth season, LOST’s characters had what was called as sideway reality–reality created by LOST’s dead castaways to deal with their issues when they were alive. This concept is similar to what we Catholics would call as purgatory, a neither here nor there state, a place cleansing and preparing one for here or there.

When Jack Shephard (played by Matthew Fox, see featured image) died in the LOST island, he then entered this sideway reality where his co-Losties who have died before him were in. He did not know that he was in it, he thought it was, reality.

Now things are different in this sideway reality, our LOSTies are given different cards to play with, but all of which help them resolve their life’s issues. Jack, who had issues with his father, had a son in this sideway reality. His life in this sideway reality centered on improving his relationship with this son.

Later on, Jack finds out from his dead father his true state and to say he was shocked with the truth is an understatement. That was one of LOST’s most heart-wrenching moments, you can just imagine me sobbing like a crazy person.

Other LOSTies such as John Locke also confronted his life’s issues in this sideway reality. Locke who was a paralytic, was finally able to walk after an operation.

Upon the show’s end, I wondered what would my sideway reality be all about. What would I want to fix with my life? What skeletons do I keep in my closet? What do I secretly wish for?

The first thought that came to mind was something about my sexuality– in this sideway reality would I find the acceptance from my family that I long for? Would I have that cinematic moment where my parents would hug me right after my big confession as they compassionately say “We already know” or “We love you no matter what.”

Or would it be about this guy who I’ve loved and love so dearly. Marami pa kaming hindi naaayos, at marami pa akong gusto sanang sabihin. But I know that I shouldn’t, that we shouldn’t. Maybe in this sideway reality, we can finally resolve our issues, he can forgive me, and maybe we can be friends again.

What would your sideway reality be all about?

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