140 Twitter Conversations #2: No such thing as TMI

Twitter seriously blurred the lines of what was publishable (more like Twit-able) and what was not. There’s really no such thing as too much information anymore, right?

140 Twitter Conversations # 2

Person A: myself (My Twitter account has been public ever since work required me to be out in the open, but I recently set it to private once more)

Person B: Ben Pablo (Unabashed by the furor his thoughts provoke, Ben Pablo is one offensive manboy. He’s most interesting to talk to at 3 am, when he’s usually frank and drunk)

So it all started with me being my normal dedicated self. (Wehhhhh, baka lang mabasa ng boss ko. LOL)

And Ben Pablo being his normal work-shy self aka slackerificity (Whut word is this).

I want to be more, Ben. I wanna do so many things, I wanna achieve so much more. I wanna win a marathon, fly kites, I wanna be complete. (Waley)

But he thinks I’m just horny.

Well he was half-right that night.

Told ya there’s no such thing as TMI.

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