140 Twitter Conversations #1: Pilot

Conversations over social networking and microblogging site Twitter are always interesting. You might think that the 140 characters available for use limits the chat, but in fact, that adds to the fun. How do you say everything you want in 140 characters or less?

This is the central idea of this new segment (yes, I just said segment) in Emotionally Fueled Writing. In the next couple of months, I shall be sharing with you all 140 interesting conversations over Twitter I may or may not have been a part of. You’ll find out just how funny people are on Twitter.

Better set your privacy functions to public!

And for the pilot, I’d like to share a Twitter conversation that started from a girl ripping a page from a book.

140 Twitter Conversations # 1: Pilot

Person A: pattyrism (Her Twitter has been set to private after the incident)

Person B: Rizal_Library (He’s really not a person, I know. But in tradition of the Ateneo Rizal Library of being the best library in the country [its awarded as the best one, srsly], it assumed life online, attending to suggestions and live mentions on Twitter to further improve its service. #soprogressive)

Our twitter conversation starts with Person A tweeting about something she shouldn’t have tweeted in the first place.

Yes, she tweeted that.

But I guess you can’t outsmart the best library in the country?

Can you just imagine the panic, girl had? But it doesn’t stop there. Onward goes a manhunt. (#Puederingwomanhuntkungfeministka)

Konti pang sindak para kay @pattyrism

But the best library in the country had to be professional. (Oo, uulitin ko pa.)

And after almost a week, the issue has been resolved.

Really the best.

One thought on “140 Twitter Conversations #1: Pilot

  1. UHM medyo amusing lang naman na tinweet nya hahaha. Whatever happened to not giving tmi online? oh, twitter happened. In other news, JEFFC, I miss you

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