Papa P

In my brief time at Summit Media’s, I was fortunate enough to have been assigned to interview Kris Allen, Ne-Yo and other well-known personalities. I didn’t let them get to me–I resisted the urge to have a picture taken with them, and I constantly reminded myself, that Jeff, “You’re supposed to be working.”

While other reporters asked irrelevant questions and stuttered their way through questioning, I remained calm and composed, asking questions, I think, were relevant ones. This middle-aged reporter even asked Ne-Yo if he wanted to collaborate with Rihanna. Yeah, I know right? So to speak, I think it worked for me.

And then there was Piolo Pascual.

I was assigned to cover his Men’s Health magazine press conference in Tomas Morato, he was on the cover of the magazine for the first time. I didn’t get why there had to be a press con, I mean, what’s so major about Piolo that his cover had to come with a press conference. You can just imagine my resistance and snarkiness.

Even when the day of the press con came, and even when I was inside the venue, my walls still stood very firmly. I mean, I’ve seen my fair share of both local and international stars, this guy would seriously just seem ordinary. Besides, we all know his secret, and he has such a bad English accent anyway.

But when he entered the room, it was an entirely different story. It was Papa P.

It wasn’t the bulging biceps, I’ve seen far more buffed men. It wasn’t the face, I could enumerate right here and now 100 celebrities far cuter than him. And don’t even get me started on the “talent”.

So what was it? Probably it was that “it factor”? Ah yes, he had “it”. In fact, he had so much of it.

And after laughing deep inside at all those old reporters covering all those celebrities, it was my turn to stutter.

I remember my question was supposed to be about how he prepared for the cover, but my nerves kicked in.

Instead, I asked, “Why did you put Piolo on the cover just now?”

It was probably the subconscious taking over.

And when the time for photo-ops came, I let go of my pride, completely. I lined up with all the girls and the gays. I was this close to Piolo, bitches.

But life has a way of playing with you. One photo-op I really wanted, I didn’t get. But who says I couldn’t feast on him from afar?

Haaaay, there’s really no one else like Papa P 🙂

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