Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running

I was just running around Ateneo.

You know, one of those students who thought he was doing something big, something significant. I was running, running from one place to another.

On mornings I’d be in Summit Media, in the afternoon attending class, ACOMM meetings, events. In the evening, I’d be finishing up on everything else.

I stayed up late almost everyday, sometimes I didn’t even sleep. And the nights, I wanna talk about the nights. Well, they were always young. Young and vibrant.

And in a snap, my world changed completely.

It was like a lover slowly departing, a lover who had to go because I had to grow. We parted with no remorse, because I knew that this was just a stop to where I’m really supposed to be going.

I’m enjoying the changes– I feel like I’m finally growing up, maturing, becoming stronger.

That lull moment in between work and school–what some call unemployment, but what I would self-exploration–was priceless.

You see, I brought movies unto life–Hugh Grant alone on a cinema, Mandy Moore being two places at once, Meg Ryan sitting alone on a coffee shop. Anvaya, Mindoro and the North provided the perfect backdrop for these Hollywood inspired romanticism.

I became ready, seriously ready for the life ahead of me. I was revitalized, ready to run again, run around again, even if I was to run in a new world.

But truth be told, I wasn’t born ready to run. But I’m not afraid.

Because I ran around in Ateneo.

(Featured image is a photo taken outside my kitchen in Victoria Station)

One thought on “Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running

  1. JEFF CAPE! Finally, I can access your blog! haha. Fo sho, Ateneo misses you too! The ACOMM room is so different without you guys. Yak nagdrama! Pero it’s true. Everyone misses the seniors (yes, mej di ko pa tanggap na this year, kami na seniors). 😦 But good luck, Jeff! We genuinely wish you guys the best!! Til the next L4D2 or whatevs bonding!! >:D<

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