Probably a result of CebuPac Piso Fares, my addiction to Asian Geographic Magazine, and my heightened sense of exploration, I’ve been so engrossed in traveling lately.

There’s just something about foreign places (not necessarily abroad) that just evoke a whole new range of emotions, of colors in me.

You see my world here in the City is so small, sometimes I feel claustrophobic already. Small rooms, small spaces. Traffic. Smog. Stoplights. There’s just so much noise, familiar noise, that has already become too familiar. And when I travel, I feel so small, the world so vast. So many possibilities, so much energy.

As Alain de Botton said in his book “The Art of Travel”, “Few things are as exciting as the idea of travelling somewhere else.” I agree, completely.

So today I’m making a pact with myself, 250 cities/towns by 2050. By the time I turn 60, I should have traveled to 250 cities/towns, places which I’ve never lived at, places that I will be in for the sole purpose of ‘travel’.

It’s gonna be so much fun trying to get there!

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