Receding (Election) Fever

(Disclaimer: This is only my second attempt to photoblog)

It has only been a week since the Philippine general elections.

Yet, the memory of Manny Villar's slew of ad campaigns and Binay's standout TVC seem so long ago. The mudslinging, the fake reports, Kris Aquino's jabs against Manny Pacquiao are now all behind us, simply a part to our election narrative. And just seven days ago, Filipinos were in long lines outside voting precincts, waiting and wishing. Not knowing that comparably, this would be a peaceful, successful election.
And while we are still waiting for the results of the 2-cornered Vice Presidential race between Binay and Roxas, and the remaining three senators-elect to be proclaimed, everyday life resumes.
Ordinary citizens like us, who hail from the middle class, live lives that are generally unimproved and unmoved by government affairs and promises of "Bagong Lakas", except for the P50 savings from the Cheaper Medicines Act and the annual, yes annual, drainage construction as it obstructs traffic.
The day after the elections, my father took down the campaign paraphernalia outside our house, one by one. He saw more value in checks than ribbons, but losers don't get to wave pennants, only white flags. And his life goes on.

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