Identity Crisis

No, I’m not the one having one. It’s this blog.

You see, going over my entries made me realize how lost this blog is. It’s not really a music blog, nor is it a hormone driven blog about boys (I’m far too ashamed to actualize this). I’d like to say this one’s a personal, but there are too few entries of such nature. Funny, even my Lady Gaga entries even outnumber ‘personal’ blog entries.

I’ve thought of something to remedy this, hopefully it works.

No, I’m not moving bloghosts again. But I’ll put up a valiant effort to make all entries have at least something in common.

Stay tuned, errr, stay online???


All in Good Time by Leon Jackson

But your gonna know it,
I’ll make your sure that you know it.
All in good time.

Download here

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