Down from the hill

“So paano ba yan, magiging Atenista ka na rin?”

Those were the words my sister told me immediately as I picked up the phone. I immediately woke up Mama who was having her afternoon nap.

“Ma, pasado daw po ako!”

I was jumping up and down, so overjoyed, so excited, feelings I only felt with the Ateneo results. Iba eh.

And last Saturday, I had the same feelings. So overjoyed. So excited.

Graduating from the Ateneo was just something so precious–four years of hard work, four years of wonderful memories that was about to be capped off by an equally wonderful ceremony.

It was at the end of it all when tears started to fall–singing A Song For Mary felt different, the song just had in itself the power to help one collate and commemorate all the little memories. The Blue Eagle championships, the OAS nightmares. Through the joys and tears, through the laughing years talaga.

We started to hug each other one by one–my seatmates Lienne and Mari, then Rish, then on to the others.

But when Sir Mark appeared out of nowhere, I started crying uncontrollably. He extended his hand for a handshake, I guess, but instead I jumped right on to him, and hugged him really tight.

I’m sure a lot of Comm majors wanted to do that for a long time now. I’m actually one of them.

I particularly felt a little uneasiness from him because of the hug, but he tapped my back with his hands.

That my friends, is how you end college. A hug from Sir Mark.

I’m not sure of what Sir Mark thinks of me, but I know that the years I’ve spent in ACOMM, in COMM have all been so special because of him.

I then rushed to my parents, who surprisingly seemed very happy given the fact that they were seated at the back.

Father seemed very proud. I hugged him, because I love him for all that he is. For all the little misgivings, all the offensive comments, he is still, and will always be my father.

“Sabi ko sa Mama mo, paano ba yan, tapos na tayo. Wala na tayong pinapaaral.”

Then I hugged Mama.

In her shoulders, I cried, tears started flowing, tears I wanted to fall.

“Anak, malungkot ka ba?”

“No Ma, masaya. Naiiyak lang. Mana sayo eh.”

Graduation was amazing. No regrets, no remorse over how things turned out.

Eyes are dry at the last goodbye;
This is the Ateneo way.

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