Going Rogue

While I was spinning around in a very cheap/worn-out/crappy ride in the UP Fair (and holding on to dear life, seatbelt was broken fyi), I realized just how awesome the next couple of months will be.

The futurel is looming over me and some of friends, yes, but late last week I felt it–the energy to just let go,  go rogue.

Seryoso, sobrang spontaneous ko lately, grabe. Sleepovers, early morning swimming, last full shows, lunch dates, chill afternoons. Soon enough I’ll be able to post the pictures I’ve taken with my Holga, you’d see how lovely my past few days have been. There’s just so much zest, so much joy.

But mind you, its not all about random activities.

I’ve been finding more meaning in the things I’m doing lately, if they became more significant in the past few weeks, or mas nagiging emotional lang ako, I don’t know. But clearly, I’ve been enjoying ACOMM work so much more lately, parang sobrang natural/intuitive, each problem is dealt with so much hope, so much optimism. AHON Foundation tasks have  been so easy to do, while campaigning for Rob Roque has been so fulfilling and school work has been so…relevant. Campaign e-mailers and twibbons are so fun to check, presentations are so enjoyable to make. WTF, I’m even making other people’s presentations just cause I have so much energy that I just have to share.

Hanging-out with different sets of friends has also been amazing. Finally, I’ve been  able to go out with friends I haven’t been with for quite some time. After class bonding with Anna, Portia & Mina, UP Fair shizz with Jic, Dave and Orly, random wall climbing afternoons, lunches and last full shows with Drew, Rissa and Jana. Iba talaga yung energy.

I simply cannot wait for (a) Anvaya with Family, (b) North trip with Cands, (c) COMM Roast, (d) ACOMM transition sessions (gonna be so much fun making the modules), (e) Culm Afternoon, (f) ASLA trip to Singapore, (g) Pending Batangas trip hosted by Mina, (f) Pending Bora trip with Jic and company, (g) Pending getaway with Rissa, Drew, Jana and some other friends.

Amazing, just amazing 🙂

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